Beansprouts in Bathtubs: The Chinese Restaurant in Ireland

Mar 18, 2020, 10:45 AM
With many of the Chinese restaurants in Dublin’s unofficial “Chinatown” on Parnell Street shuttered, we‘re talking Chinese.

In this episode, our guest is chef Kwanghi Chan, creator of Chan Chan Spice Bag seasoning and the chef and owner of the modern Chinese restaurant Bowls by Kwanghi. Chan provides a personal perspective to our conversation: Born in Hong Kong, he came to Donegal when he was eight years old, to the small town of Buncrana, and lived with his uncle who ran
a Chinese restaurant. We talk about what it was like being the only Chinese kid in town, how he rediscovered his own Chinese heritage, the history of Chinese food in Ireland and what its future holds as local palates and attitudes evolve.

How did you run a Chinese restaurant when you got rice and soy sauce from England once a month? Why are there separate menus for the Irish and Chinese? And, most burningly, what the heck is up with the Spice Bag?

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