Solving the top business data challenges - A podcast with Bill O'Connell

Apr 11, 2020, 03:22 PM

In this episode, Bill O’Connell, VP of Global Decisioning Software at Experian Decision Analytics, shares practical advice for businesses of all sizes to address their current challenges in terms of getting the type, amount and quality of data they need to achieve their goals.

Recently, we published a white paper, The race for the customer comes down to one thing: who knows them best , where we surveyed senior business leaders on their main data challenges. What we found is that, on a global scale: 

•30% claim to not have enough data to get the insights they need
•33% business leaders say the quality of their customer data is poor
•46% struggle with legacy technology systems
•46% say their customer data is split across multiple disconnected platforms
•48% say to lack analytics expertise