Two Nights Of WWE WrestleMania 36, AEW Vs NXT "No Crowd" Shows (Feat. ROH COO Joe Koff)

Mar 19, 05:42 PM
Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman is back to host the latest episode of our new podcast The Wrestling Inc. Daily!

The Wrestling Inc. Daily is released Monday-Friday afternoon.

Today's episode includes:

  • Wrestling Inc's Justin LaBar joining Nick to break down the pro wrestling news of the past twenty-four hours. Including WWE WrestleMania 36 now happening over two-nights, Rob Gronkowski hosting WrestleMania 36, NXT and AEW's no crowd shows last night, Matt Hardy's AEW debut, Brody Lee's AEW debut, Daniel Bryan not wanting to be a full-time performer anymore, CM Punk revealing what an in-ring comeback would take, John Cena buying a veteran's groceries and more

  • Nick's interview with ROH COO Joe Koff. Featuring Koff discussing ROH's decision to go dark through May, other promotions choosing to do no crowd shows, possibly going dark beyond May, how going dark has affected ROH's business, plans for a live weekly ROH TV show later this year

  • The latest mailbag segment looking at what you think of WrestleMania being presented as two nights