Praising our farmers in the time of the virus. Victor Davis Hanson @VDHanson

Mar 20, 03:04 AM
Image:  A wheat harvest in Idaho

Victor Davis Hanson, The Case for Trump, and  Hoover, in re: Millions in lockdown. Or whatever you call it; store shelves may be empty briefly, but they’re replenished with vast numbers of foods, things, riches. Farmers are still very much working. The elite don’t want their children in farming, trucking, such careers, these are the people who keep the country running. Bicoastal activities are great—insurance, banking—but when you get home, you need actual food. And US food practices are clean: the most stringent in the world.  And you sure don't want to poison your water or reputation. We have the cleanest food in the world, and we’re self-sufficient in in energy. We have food security because we produce more food than the world can eat.

Virus: of those tested, even t hose who are sick and tested, about 80%  are negative. Not a Biblical plague. Once we get the tests, we can correlate them with the [mortality?] rate.  More people tested changes the numerical analyses.   In South Korea, with ever more tests, it's starting to look like a bad flu. Italy:  Is sui generis – 16% . . .  and the average age of Italians is much older than the average age of Americans.  And northern Italy is a Chinese enclave. US was the first to close borders to Chinese; and Italian restaurant kitchens and loos aren’t quite up to US standards. Finally, American medical care is frankly better than Italian medical care.