Episode 173 - Gaming Lockdown

Mar 20, 03:34 AM

The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast continues to weather the storm of the Coronavirus to bring you the entertainment that you deserve! And thankfully, we have a lot to talk about! First up, the guys talk about their gaming exploits. From Todd talking about his lack of gaming (again...) to Will talking about Overwatch and the challenges of its recent events, and special guest Koopa Keith talking his Switch selling skills (say that five times fast) and more! Then, in the news, there may be a delay on the Fighter Pack 2 DLC for Super Smash Bros Ultimate! What do the guys think about this? Then, Pokemon Twilight Wings Episode 3 has brought Todd and Will to tears (and Keith to rolling his eyes...), but why is that? Add to that, we had an Indies Showcase event! But was it good, and did it help prove that a traditional Nintendo Direct is coming? The guys discuss! Finally, in the main event, with many of you having too much time on your hands, the guys give you suggestions on what to play to...

Todd, Will and Keith unite to talk about what to play during this worldwide lockdown!