#97 | Derry O'Brien | Distributor

Mar 20, 03:37 PM
On this weeks Ep of FNI Wrapchat (which we recorded a couple of weeks ago), is a Distributor with a vast amount of experience over a number of years. Derry O'Brien of Network Ireland Television.
Start stockpiling episodes of Wrapchat this crazy season.

Derry O'Brien has over 40 years’ experience in international services in the music, TV and film industries and with the Irish Trade Board. Derry was responsible for the inauguration of the Ireland on Screen joint marketing initiative between the relevant Northern and Southern trade promotional agencies at both the MIP and MIPCOM television markets for 5 years, from 1991 - 1995 inclusive, a marketing initiative that survives to this day. Furthermore, as a Board Member of the Brussels-based E.U. Programme, Euro Aim for a similar period, Derry was actively involved in Euro Aim sales and marketing activities at both the Berlin Film Festivals, the Donestia Screenings and their Rendezvous Co-production and more recently at the Cannes Film Festival. Derry also served on the Board of the Northern Ireland Film and Television Commission for 5 years (1999 – 2004).

Network Ireland Television is the foremost Irish-based TV distribution company, established in October 1995 with the objective of providing a sales and marketing service internationally for television programme makers and film producers and directors.

In the 20 years since its start-up, Network Ireland Television has now accumulated a catalogue of over 1,500 hours of quality English language programming and short films from a range of Irish and international producers and has firmly established itself as the major distributor of niche market material. Network Ireland Television is currently selling to over 100 overseas broadcasters, VOD operators, DVD distributors and Inflight Entertainment companies.

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