Social Distancing Nutrition and Proper Fit

Mar 22, 01:00 PM
Golfers have always practiced social distancing. So why should these days be treated any differently? We talk about how golf courses are adapting to the Corona Virus scare in order to remain a refuge. Then we discuss John's first ever official club fitting. After 2 and one half hours and trying almost every driver ever made, we chose the one that gave a phenomenal increase in ball speed and distance. Which one? Listen to find out. Also, did you know that golfers who are not properly prepared by eating prior to a round play 7% less efficiently? We talk to Jeremy DeLuca from ParForm on the importance of proper nutrition, proper hydration, and the uses for CBD products for golfers. And then, of course, some bonus content from two years ago where Jeff explains some tips and tricks on using our short irons, not wedges, effectively in different circumstances. Another great hour of Golf Talk with Those Weekend Golf Guys.