Shift Your Language But Don't Stop Selling During This Crisis || Biz Bomb

Mar 25, 07:01 AM
It’s a crazy time out there in the world right now, but it’s important to remember that every single person on the planet is connected by this. As terrifying as that may seem, there's also something that's quite amazing and beautiful about that at the same time. But in this Biz Bomb episode I’m going to be talking about how some people are shaming business owners for selling during this time and how you NEED to be selling during this time, and how you should be shifting your language to be relevant during this time.
As a business owner, this is your business, this is your livelihood, and you've probably worked super hard to get where you are now. But regardless, you've worked hard and you require marketing, selling, getting new clients to pay your bills, to make ends meet, and to support your family. So when people are out there shaming you for continuing to sell during a crisis, it might make you second guess what you’re doing and if you should in fact be selling.
I am here to tell you, YES! You should be selling right now. Not only is it your right to sell, to try to make money, to do what you need to do to move your business forward, but it is also a social and economical duty as it always is, but right now more than ever.
Here’s the thing though, you can’t simply continue what you’re doing and pretend like nothing is going on. Everyone is affected by this and so you need to shift your language and how your offer your services. Now, this doesn't mean that we're going to be using people's fears to make money because that’s not cool. What this means is you may shift your pricing, or adjust your cancellation policy. It also means you can change the way you’re marketing your online services and programs.
Tune into this Biz Bomb episode to get the low down on how you should be selling at this time.

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