Adapting Your Business and Marketing During Challenging Times

Mar 24, 10:36 AM
Adaptability is defined as “the quality of being able to adjust to new conditions”.

As very few businesses are operating the same way they were 2 weeks ago and COVID-19 is causing more and more changes to our everyday lives, this certainly qualifies as new conditions. We are experiencing an unprecedented change in the American way of life right now. Small businesses are fearful and the cost of doing business remains high.

Many small and medium-sized businesses don’t retain the cash and assets that larger companies can tap into during tough times. If they don’t adapt throughout this challenge, they will face bigger problems on the other side.

Finding creative ways to stay in front of your customers even in non-revenue producing ways is essential right now. People will remember those who helped them during this time. This is your opportunity to serve your customer. The news and media are filling people’s heads with so much worry and anxiety but positive acts by companies and organizations are getting attention as well. I’m not saying we do positive things for the attention, I’m saying that there is mental bandwidth with your consumer for some feel-good vibes.

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