Issue 269: Self Isolating with Kingdom, Rosario Dawson in Mandalorian S2, Ahoska Tano Series, More Movie Delays, Uncut Gems, TWD Still Going, & Gaming

Mar 25, 02:18 AM

Today on the podcast the guys discuss what they've been watching while the self isolate such as Kingdom, TWD, Giri/Haji, Uncut Gems, and more. Plus the guys discuss Rosario Dawson being added to the cast of Mandalorian season 2, what Rosario playing Ahoska Tano could lead to, the latest movie releases changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, why Wonder Woman 1984 going straight to VOD/streaming makes no sense, why Evangeline Lilly should not comment on anything anymore, why Jong should get Animal Crossing, and more!