If You Know Yer History - Beesotted Mini Pod Edition One

Mar 25, 10:35 AM

This edition we speak to Brendan Nevin, the magician behind the brilliant @beesincolour and the Brentford Reimagined book project. In this week's chat, Brendan tells us how he does it, what's been done so far, what can be expected and how you can support the project by getting your name, or the name of Bees supporting loved one, printed in the Bees Fan Dedications section.

To pre-order the book, just click here https://www.legendspublishing.net/product/brentford-reimagined

In the next 'If You Know Yer History' mini-podcast we'll be talking to Savvy Bee about the Push Up Brentford oral history project and sharing a few of the highlight's he's recorded from Bees fans.