A Reminder, Relentless Human Spirit Can Overcome Even Coronavirus

Episode 891,  Mar 26, 2020, 12:47 PM

The human spirit is indefatigable! We have stood upto some arduous times and learn to come out of it stronger.

It is true that sometimes we fall victims to our own vanity. We have drawn boundaries all around us – borders on maps, borders of caste, creed, race, religion, gender, wealth – to separate us from the rest.

And as if it’s to mock at our conceit, a microscopic virus, invisible to our naked eyes has gotten the better of us. It’s made us realise yet again that we’re all the same. It’s transgressed all our borders, binaries, and differences. Whether we are a wealthy billionaire in US, or a Chinese engineer, or a farmer from the Middle East — this virus had ridiculed all these walls we’ve built between us. We are the same for the virus. We are just all humans.

But people say that the biggest learnings come from the worst tragedies. The COVID-19 coronavirus is right now our biggest enemy but the indefatigable human spirit is much bigger than this virus. But it’s necessary that we fight this crisis together. There’s no battle that can’t be won when we’re together but we’ll have to put aside our differences for this one.

We need to face this crisis with compassion instead of competition. This civilisation has seen pandemics and calamities before, and we have come out of those dark moments together. Our little acts of care and kindness can make a big difference. Little acts like thinking about others when buying groceries and medicines. Instead of hoarding, let’s buy enough for ourselves and let others have the rest.

As we stay indoors and maintain social distances, let us distance ourselves from prejudices. When we wash our hands off germs, let us wash ourselves off these man-made boundaries and divisions.

VO and Scripting: Athar Rather
Editor: Shelly Walia

Music: Big Bang Fuzz