Episode 97 - Matt Williams - Founder & CEO of FroPro

Mar 27, 10:00 AM

Matt Williams is the Founder of FroPro. FroPro is a simple nutrient dense snack bar that tastes delicious. Matt started FroPro in his kitchen while working a nine to five job. On the surface, he had it all together. He was teaching private school and a varsity level coach but underneath that facade he was trapped in a self destructive cycle. Addiction does not define him but it is a central tenant of his story. His goal is to use his platform to educate, inspire and bring attention to recovery. He credits an incredible network of friends and family, including his wife Chelsea, helping him get and remain sober. With the creation of FroPro, he's aligned his actions with his passions and he has been able to accomplish his goals because of his experience with addiction, not in spite of it. He is the real deal and FroPro is a real deal product.