How To Overcome Pressure, Settle Anxiety, And Where to Start In Weightlifting | Jessica Lucero

Mar 30, 2020, 12:45 PM

Where you can find Jessica Lucero:

UpLift Weightlifting IG @upliftweightlifting
Instagram @jessicalucero9

Podcast Covers:

  1. Discussing her new business UpLift Weightlifting 
  2. Anxiety while traveling 
  3. How she handles the pressure in the backroom at international competitions
  4. How she recovers her mindset after a missed first attempt on stage
  5. 16 years in the sport of weightlifting how she has grown physically, and mentally during this time
  6. How she has overcome having no support during her time in the sport from her family
  7. How she dealt with the hardest obstacle she has ever overcome in the sport
  8. How she gets herself motivated when she is feeling unmotivated 
  9. What she does when she misses several lifts in training 
  10. What are the most important steps a beginner should focus on when they join the sport of weightlifting?
  11. When does a beginner know when to sign up for their first competition?
  12. Fire Question- to make you laugh and learn more about the guest