003: How We're Staying Sane During Quarantine

Mar 30, 2020, 03:28 PM

This really is a crazy time. When the things that we once put so much time and value into, just go away…what is left? Come along as we talk about how our perspective has changed, how we’re managing, and how we’re focusing on the things that matter.
We’re staying sane by sticking together. From having more time to cook good meals, exercise and focus on the things that truly matter, we have been given space to rethink how we approach life. A lot of things have changed for many of us, and all of us have been effected by this pandemic in a different way. We can come together by showing support and showing up in a real and honest way. Here is how were staying sane during quarantine. 

My guests: Philip Armendarez (Husband), and Sydney Sorensen (Sister)

What is keeping us sane: THE OUTDOORS - get out and be active, home projects, Box Meal Subscriptions - We used Green ChefNespresso Carmel Cookie Coffee, Costco Groceries, Pinterest Projects, TV Recs: Dave - Netflix, Little Fires - Hulu, Good Girls - Netfix & Hulu, Ozark Season 3! - Netflix

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