Mike Finley, CEO of Boingo + Monica Spoelstra Metz, Certified Health Coach

Mar 31, 03:29 PM
Mike Finley (@MikeFinley) - CEO of Boingo (@Boingo), joins us to give us some tips on how to manage the connectivity in our homes. With most people working from a home office and also managing their streaming consumption, we are pushing our broadband limits more than ever. Boingo provides connectivity to some of the biggest sports venues and airports in the world and they are the proud sponsor of the Sports Business Radio Road Show.

Monica Spoelstra Metz (@MonicaMetz) - Certified health coach and healthy cooking expert joins us to offer some great tips on how to manage stress as well as prepare healthy food and smoothies during these uncertain times. Monica is a former sports marketing executive and happens to be the sister of Miami HEAT Head Coach, Erik Spoelstra. Find more information at www.monicametz.com/SBR

Sophia Berger joins the podcast to take you inside the Berger household during COVID-19. She also shares the perspective of a teen during this unprecedented time. 

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