Conversations With Dez - talking with Lauren Valenti, Broadcom Mainframe Division

Apr 01, 2020, 06:48 AM
Dez Blanchfield gets up close & personal with Lauren Valenti, Senior Manager, Customer Advocacy & Mainframe Education in the Mainframe Division of Broadcom, to talk about her academic & career path, her role at Broadcom within their Mainframe division, current business & technology trends, and the very real need Broadcom have see and addressed, to open up education to "close the Mainframe skills gap".
Also discussed are the challenges around building and enhancing mainframe skills and how Lauren and her team have addressed this through Broadcom's Mainframe Academy, Associate Software Engineer Program and Vitality Residency Program.
Also discussed is the broad range of successful outcomes and work Lauren and her team and Broadcom's Mainframe division as a whole are doing around Customer Advocacy and how they are creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with their customers, and much more.
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