The Phil & Simon Show No 42 Vulnerable situation, not vulnerable people

Apr 01, 04:40 PM

What can we do for ourselves, and for others? Dancing, volunteering, share our ventilators, Netflix and pill? What do we want to the world to be like when we emerge from this crisis? Plus Crip Camp!

Another new style Phil & Simon Show, shorter and with expert guests. News round up from Geoff Adams-Spink including alarming news from the US in respect of medical care. He also asks what are our big asks in a post-virus world. 

Two weeks in self-isolation isn’t long for me says Baroness Jane Campbell. What’s hard is letting a host of different support workers in to her home, many whom don’t have protective equipment and she’s highly susceptible to respiratory difficulties. She also tells us why we should watch Crip Camp on Netflix. 

Stand up comedian Tanyalee Davis is subdued compared to normal. A person who thrives from performance and an audience, her self-isolation is messing with her head. Simon tries to feed her set up lines to her jokes, which mostly fail. 

DREDF (Berkeley USA) Covid 19 resources for disabled people relating to health care and rights. 

Netflix  -  Crip Camp - requires subscription 

Tanyalee Davis dancing through Covid 19 YouTube