Beijing’s malicious whoppers vs. all the rest of humanity. @MichaelAuslin

Apr 03, 2020, 09:33 PM
Image:  Shangdang Campaign, September–October 1945

Michael Auslin, @MichaelAuslin, Hoover, in re:  [A fairly comprehensive review of current CCP malfeasance.]  The Chinese regime lied to Wuhan whistleblowers and to the world at large.  We cannot allow China to rewrite history, let alone be praised for its deeds.  The regime knew how serious it was early on.  We’re past the point of accepting anything China says at face value; they mustn’t ever again be allowed to get away with making a statement that we not only accept but on which we base our actions, which we did this time.  Wuhanese are crowdsourcing among themselves to figure out how many have died there.  The regime says a little over 3,000; Radio Free Asia and BBC are reporting 46,000.  We need to publicize the fact that the Chinese regime is lying. We need to expose and counter the lies as they're being repeated by fellow-travellers who, incomprehensibly, parrot the CCP lies, saying we need to learn from China; this disinformation is being spread internationally.  We need at the least to de-fund the WHO, whose leader is [a stooge for Xi Jinping  –ed.].   World governance is at risk: if China gets away with lying to the WHO and the world community, I don't see how we can talk about functioning civil society when the world’s second-strongest power not only blatantly acted in irresponsible, immoral and illegal ways, but literally plunged the world into the most serious crisis since World War II.