Issue 272: Sony Delays, Loki's Identity, Hellboy Snobs, Comics, Gaming, & Should David Pay Rent

Apr 04, 03:10 AM

Today on the podcast the guys react to Sony's announcement of all of it's delayed movies, what the guys would be willing to pay to see Black Widow (of course the guys recorded before the Black Widow Nov. 6th release date was announced... stupid curse), Loki showrunner's comments on the villain/anti-hero's identity in the upcoming series, behind the scenes photos of what could have been an awesome team up with Doctor Strange/Scarlet Witch in Endgame, Jessica Chastain turning down a role in Doctor Strange, why Hellboy snobs like Michael are to blame for Hellboy 2019's failure, the rumored character set to appear in Mandalorian season 2, John Turturro's comments regarding playing Carmine Falcone, Rockstar donating a percentage of their revenue for a good cause, predicting the PS5 cost, some comic news, a message for some friends of the podcast, and the guys figure out if David should pay rent.