Supertotal BadA, Quad Queen, And Mindset Champion | Meghan Scanlon

Apr 06, 2020, 12:45 PM
Think you're strong?  FALSE.  Meet Meghan Scanlon, a powerhouse woman who can squat 3 times her bodyweight, and her quads make Chad Wesley Smith's look like he was born in a hen's house.

Supertotal is a strength sport that combines bench, squat, deadlift and snatch, clean & jerk. Meghan was an iron-woman athlete who switched to strength sports.  She started in the sport of powerlifting, where she broke 5 world records and 12 American records, won a national championship and placed second overall at worlds.  A year and a half ago Chad Wesley Smith approached her to see if she wanted to train under Max Aita.  This is when Meghan began dabbling in weightlifting to start her Supertotal career.

Meghan shares with us the mindset it takes to be at the top as a Supertotal athlete. She discusses what training is like between two intense sport, and how she manages transitioning from weightlifting to powerlifting at The Arnold Classic, mentally and physically.

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