Healing Ourselves with Compassion with Makaela Bamonti

Apr 09, 2020, 11:17 PM
Today on the show we have Makaela Bamonti - a dear and sacred sister of mine, as well as a lead guide for Work Your Wild, Makaela is a Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Poet, Meditation & Breathwork Guide, Community Curator, Plant Medicine Advocate, & my favorite - a true Earth Warrior.  Makaela is a powerful remembrance of what it means to witness the beauty of both the rise’s and the falls of this life - she is an elavated vibration and source of raw presence that I  am so grateful to share with you.  On today’s show we talk about redefining sensuality,  holding ourselves with compassion and learn how we can actually live an authentically sustainable life.  Check it out!

Makaela's Instagram: @mystik_makae
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