What You Need to Create Amazing Video Content || Biz Bomb

Apr 08, 07:01 AM
Right now, EVERYONE is at home and online. Which means this is a great time to get online and build your audience and video content is a great way to do that.
In today’s Biz Bomb episode we are going to blow your mind with some tips and tricks on how to up your video game and rock your online content. 
The go-to live content is usually done through Facebook Live or Instagram Live which you can record using your smartphone. This is a super easy way to content with your audience – it doesn’t have to be perfect or put together (if you check out Kendra’s IG she is usually walking through the forest).

But if you want to record something with better audio and visual, this episode will give you a few ideas, including our picks for cameras and mics that we use if you want to invest into your video equipment.
In this Biz Bomb, we are giving you everything you need to start putting out live and recorded videos, webinars and IGTV.
Tools discussed:
Blue Yeti (Snowball or Mini)