What does the future hold for NMC Health?

Apr 07, 2020, 04:33 PM
NMC Health, one of the largest private healthcare companies in the UAE, is under pressure as dozens of creditors locally and internationally move to mitigate their exposure to the indebted group. Mustafa Alrawi, assistant editor in chief, and Kelsey Warner, future editor, are joined by The National's Michael Fahy, who has been covering the unfolding saga.

The 46 year-old company founded by BR Shetty is at risk of going into administration amid allegations of fraud. Management, board members and the founder have parted ways with the company.

Later in the show, an update on how artificial intelligence is underpinning some of the global Covid-19 response, 100 days into the pandemic.

In this episode:
The fate of NMC (0m 42s)
BR Shetty on Finablr listing (16m 05s)
AI and Covid-19 (18m 35s)
Headlines (19m 56s)

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