What is your #SOBCon story? Please join this Audioboo conversation!

Apr 14, 2012, 04:22 AM

So many people wonder what makes SOBCon so unique and amazing. There is no doubt - the community, that is SOBCon, changes lives and makes the world a better place. As we get ready to attend SOBCon in 25 (or less) days, it would be great if we can share our own back stories here.

You can easily do this by signing up for a Audioboo account. Recordings of less than three minutes are free - so you can be part of this conversation too! I am sure hopeful to hear many of your voices.

Note: You can make your Audio by posting a reply to my original Boo or you can make a new Audioboo under own account and then link it as a comment here. If you have any issues, just let me know. I'm happy to help you get your story posted here :)


What draws you to SOBCon? What makes it special? What do you hope to take away from your time in Chicago? If you have been to SOBCon before what draws you back? If this is your first SOBCon, what attracted you? If you cannot join us in May - tell us your story anyway....what do you enjoy about the SOBCon community?

Thanks for being part of this! #Chicago #Conversation #Portland #SOBCon #Starbucker