The importance of social connection in keeping the Armed Forces Community Moving

Episode 1,  Apr 07, 2020, 07:04 PM

For our first podcast, Strategic Director, Eve Holt, is joined by Pete Carruthers and Elizabeth Hill from the Moving Forces team at GreaterSport. Moving Forces helps military veterans, families and serving personnel to stay physically active by providing fun, relaxed and sociable activities all over Greater Manchester. Pete is a former RAF engineer and is the project lead for Moving Forces, after setting up the project with GreaterSport in 2018. Elizabeth joined the team in January 2020 to support with the growth of the project across Greater Manchester. Listen as they discuss how prioritising the social aspect of their community has proved key to them adapting to Covid-19 whilst they work to keep Greater Manchester's Armed Forces moving during lockdown. #ImproviseAdaptAndOvercome Guest details; @MovingForcesUK @PeteCarruthers

Download a full episode transcript here.