The Colour of Healing - Simonne Gnessen

Apr 08, 2020, 07:00 AM
I chat with Simonne Gnessen the financial coach and founder of Wise Monkey Financial Coaching. Simonne helps us understand our emotions, beliefs and behaviours around money, with the aim to free us from habits that don’t serve us, and enable us to align with what truly matters to us and our money. We also talk about covid 19 and her thoughts and tips on this.

She shines a light on:
  • How her move from financial advisor to financial coach meant she could help more people, and in deeper ways
  • Understanding our behaviour and emotions means we can focus in on our money working for us, in the way we want it to
  • All the different aspects that play into our money beliefs from childhoods, to society’s messaging
  • Clarifying what’s truly important to us and aligning this with our money
  • Mindset shifts that change behaviours
  • In the midst of C19 hone in on what matters to us and what we can control; from mindsets to practicalities
  • The co creation of the Initiate for Financial Wellbeing with the aim to help people during and after our Covid 19 crisis