The Phil & Simon Show No 43 - Staying in well is the new going out.

Apr 08, 03:49 PM

Our third show during lockdown, Phil & Simon talk to Euan’s Guide, a visitor review website. Stand up Don Biswas does some topical gags and Geoff Adams-Spink gives a philosophical news update.

How do you decide who gets the respirator when there’s not enough for everyone? The concern of some disabled people that they won’t get the same level of treatment based on their unconnected impairment, made the news again this week. Geoff also highlights an article from the FT which asks if the social contract between government and citizen will change post Corona. Simon recalls JJ Rousseau from his philosophy degree and Phil asks are we all ready to be taxed more?

Laura Irwin from Euan’s Guide talks us through their exciting new online Forum where disabled people can share ideas, tips and just have a natter. Could it be the hangout place to finally replace the heady days of the BBC Ouch chatroom?

If you follow him on social media, you’ll know stand up comedian Don Biswas is a gag merchant of quality. He drops in to give us a few latest jokes. 

Thank you for all your comments, we pick out a few. And Simon explains to Phil why he’s not worn socks for two weeks whilst Phil is still worrying about not getting his haircut. Transcript coming. 

Letter to the NHS, via Disability Rights UK

Reply letter from the NHS

FT article on the social contract (audio feature too)

MHRA and fake Covid 19 medicine