In The Mind of A Killer: The Cell vs. Manhunter

Apr 09, 04:01 AM
 Killers, Killers, everywhere and not a cop to shrink! It's Cops n' Killers month at Nightmare on Film Street! Join your hosts Kim and Jon as they venture into the mind of a killer.. or two! First, we gaze at the opulent decadence and grungy origin of Vincent D'Onofrio's Carl Stargher in The Cell (2000), and then the pull off the cerebral pantyhose of serial madman Francis Dollarhyde (Tom Noonan) in Manhunter (1986). We also squeeze in a lil' taste of the 2002 iteration; Red Dragon (2002).  So pull on your red muscle suit of science, climb that peeping tom tree at the crime scene, and tune in! 


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