Sylvia Fowles | WNBA Minnesota Lynx Center

Apr 03, 07:00 AM

Sylvia Fowles continues to focus on maintaining balance in her life as a two-time WNBA Champion with the Minnesota Lynx where she was also named WNBA MVP in 2017 after earning her third gold medal with Team USA in 2016 and it's that balance that has allowed her to maintain the focus of being the best that she can be throughout her journey which she relishes because of sports.

Episode 132: Sylvia Fowles | Minnesota Lynx Center

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Show Notes:

  • Sylvia is very humbled to be recognized as an SEC Legend but it makes her feel old
  • She's the youngest of five and she's always been competitive
  • Volleyball was her first love and was not a natural at basketball when she first started playing in middle school
  • Once she became more confident, she fell in love with basketball and started dunking a tennis ball when she was in the 7th grade
  • Started getting recruited by colleges during her sophomore year in high school and she was also recruited by other local high schools
  • Former LSU Head Coach Sue Gunter told her things that she didn't want to hear which she really appreciated and decided to attend LSU instead of Tennessee or Florida St.
  • Fans in Chicago have still been very supportive of her decision to request a trade to play elsewhere and she would have sat out the entire season if needed
  • Minnesota was the only team she wanted to play for because she felt they had a true chance to win and she already had played with Seimone Augustus, Maya Moore, Rebekkah Brunson, and Lindsay Whalen
  • Being overseas is extremely tough and her go-to meal, when she returns to the US, is her mom's mac-n-cheese
  • Always enjoyed watching Shaq, Amar'e Stoudemire, and Kevin Garrett play
  • She doesn't want to put any time limits on how much longer she will play
  • Currently studying to be a mortician when she does stop playing and has always been a curious person and wanting to know how things work
  • Words of Wisdom from Sylvia Fowles: "Just be the best that you can be because there's only one you."

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