Coronavirus: Lessons from Wuhan China

Apr 09, 04:36 PM
The unprecedented lockdown in Wuhan, China lifted at the stroke of midnight on April 8th. The city of Wuhan, where the Covid-19 pandemic began, has re-opened to the world. In this is a hope, not just for China but for the entire world battling the coronavirus outbreak. With its widespread testing, severe restrictions on movement, social distancing and the use of technology, China managed to flatten the curve and significantly slow the spread of the coronavirus. 

This week on Beyond The Headlines, host Suhail Akram talks to Dr Xi Chen, assistant professor of Public Health at Yale School of Medicine, about how China brought the coronavirus outbreak under control in just 100 days and what lessons can be learned from it. We also hear from Raymond Ferguson, an Irish national who lives in China’s Guangzhou city, and Ajlan Al Zaki, a UAE doctor at Stanford University's hospital in California.