China covets African resources; bribes pols, damages societies. Gregory R Copley

Apr 11, 02:30 AM
Image:  An overview rendition of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Gregory R Copley, Defense and Foreign Affairs, in re: The virus in Africa.  China’s aggressive exploitation of Africa for its riches is made easier by [poor] governance.  Has the PRC been pulling back its loans  since 2018? Yes, and it worsened in the last quarter of 2019, where the Belt and Road investments declined about 80% in funding, The sentimental aspect has been worsening for some time: PRC assumed a suzerain position in Africa after 2012. With no ethical oversight, we’ve seen election fraud rise exponentially on the Continent since 2012.  Hands-off ethics were accompanied by hands-on economics. Several million Chinese moved in, far more than ever there were Europeans. They were withdrawing money and taking the jobs, and putting in inferior-quality goods.

The African nations can't afford to repay their debts, which will hurt China.  In Sierra Leone and Nigeria, PPP is coming in but being shunned by Africans because of rumors that the masks have been infused with Covid19.

Here’s been a huge Chinese presence in Ethiopia.  Were going to build a long spur in the Continent-wide railroad, but when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came in, he began seriously to pull back, to disentangle.  Virus has obliged him to delay upcoming elections; he’s working to create national political parties instead of ethnic and tribal parties. He’s so far refused to privatize property seized by the Communists 46 years ago, and he needs to return property seized from the Selassies and many others. 

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: talks have broken down as Egypt threatened war with Ethiopia, which eventually said, Look, we’re just going to complete the dam and fill it with water.  Meanwhile, Ethiopia is still wasting a lot of water. The Aswan Dam was terribly inefficient (built by the then-Soviets) and has created a lot of its water problems, so they have no major case to make that they're being robbed of water from the Blue Nile. So it's funding the Oromo Liberation Front. Unfortunately, the US is supporting Egypt: you need to control not only the Suez Canal, but the entrance to the Red Sea, which Ethiopia is unusually well-positioned to do.