Apr 15, 06:00 AM
This week Mindy and Rachael invite their friend Natalie Craig from @natalieinthecity_ to discuss the seemingly innocent tune, Clementine. This song may seem innocent enough but there is much more to this little diddy than you may remember, including the fat shaming version originally performed by Bing Crosby! So listen along and let us know what you think. Share your thoughts with us on instagram @femlorepodcast and as always, share this episode with your friends so we can keep creating! Your support, shares, and reviews are all greatly appreciated! 

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Hosted by Rachael Marr and Mindy Scott
Audio production and music by Aaron Crossland
Researched and written by Dr. Lauren Crossland-Marr
Today's guest Natalie Craig, want to learn more about Natalie? Check out her blog at:

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