#100 | FNI WRAPCHAT 100 |

Apr 15, 11:45 AM
EPISODE 💯, WOW! Where does the time go? This ep is a look back on some of our favourites over the last two years. A retrospective of tips and experiences from people working in film and television not only in Ireland but all over the world. Thanks for listening, especially at this very peculiar time in all our lives.  We really wanted to do a live show to mark this event, but it wasn't to be. FNI will, however, be hosting a live event when we get the all-clear to bring our community together to reflect on the last couple of months and look to the future.

There are so many we could have taken some soundbites from, but unfortunately, couldn't fit them all in.  Please share our show with a friend or colleague.

Featuring Highlights from Director Ruan Magan who speaks about how a Michael Collins Eircom call card got him out of a very hairy circumstance while filming a doc in Columbia many years ago https://www.ruanmagan.com/
How and when a script really rings that church bell and when you break the story with Mary Kate and Rachel O'Flanagan http://www.adramaticimprovement.com/
How to send your Trojan empathy horse into the world with Carmel Winters https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carmel_Winters
John Butler on how close he came to walking on this first feature and how he loves Actors https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2899940/
Sean Branigan on learning from his partners attitude on rejection and where Irish Film and Tv is presently https://seanbranigan.co.uk/ and...  How Actor Helen Beehan chanced her arm and changed her life forever in her local Bettystown pub, drinking shots with Shane Meadows and solving the case of the missing handbags.

Take care of each other out there.

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