S2, E21 - "?" with David Sims

Apr 15, 08:05 PM
Welcome to THE STORM: A Lost ReWatch Podcast! We watch a new episode of ABC's Lost every week and discuss it for newcomers and those returning to The Island.

This week, Joanna, Dave, and Neil are heading back to Boone Cliff for Season 2, Episode 21 "?" - Mr. Eko is told to help John Locke and that his brother believes in him. The Pearl Station is discovered as Libby passes away.

This week's interview is returning guest David Sims, staff writer at The Atlantic and co-host of The Blank Check Podcast. Follow him on Twitter @davidlsims, and make sure to subscribe to the Blank Check Podcast.

This podcast is split into two sections THE CALM where we talk about just the episodes we've watched up to this point and do not discuss facts and knowledge from later in the series and THE STORM where make use of all the knowledge that 6 seasons of Lost and 15 years of Lost fandom has generated, plus our own crazy brains.

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THE CALM (Through S2 E21 discussion)  - 11 minutes, 42 seconds

THE INTERVIEW (No Spoilers) - 51 minutes, 43 seconds

THE STORM - (SPOILERS!) -  1 hour, 16 Minutes, 13 seconds