Protecting your mental health during lockdown

Apr 16, 2020, 11:21 PM

The Worthing community discusses mental health

In this episode we speak to two mental health professionals, Sally Smith, A mental health practitioner and Cara Hooper, a personal and executive coach.

Research has shown a spike in anxiety and depression after the PM’s announcement of a lockdown.  Understandably, people living alone or with children, especially in confined spaces, may be experiencing difficulties with mood. Fears about health and financial worries can also contribute to stress.  Everyone is struggling - it’s fine to acknowledge that you are struggling and ask for support

Links and help if you're suffering
People with underlying mental health issues may find their problems worsening (see ‘Crisis Support’ below).

What can help - Stay Connected!
By phone or online, stay in touch with family or friends who are supportive.

Crisis support 
Sussex Mental Healthline 0300 5000 101
Samaritans 116 223 (24 hour confidential support)

If you are known to mental health services and need urgent support, contact your care coordinator

Switch off
Limit the amount of news that you watch. Avoid re-reading news that makes you feel anxious and limit checks on social media.
Mute words that trigger anxious reaction
Choose news source that is practical and helpful.
There is a lot of misinformation so stick to trusted sources

Keep up a daily routine
If you are working from home, try to create an office space and separate work from home life.  If you are furloughed, strike a balance between having a routine, finding a sense of purpose in your day, and creating some variety.  Try to get a daily walk or exercise indoors as this will help improve your mental health.

Express feelings
It is normal at the moment to feel overwhelmed, sad, or annoyed. Many people are suffering with anxiety and insomnia.  Talk to a trusted friend, family member or a trained advisor either online or by phone.  If you are under the care of your GP or local mental health team and are worried about your mental health please contact them. GPs are available and will do phone consultations.

Helpful links

Mindfulness apps and link
Headspace; Calm (paid apps that offer a free trial period).
Free mindfulness exercise: