Iain Wolsey - Coronavirus lockdown exit strategy - time to plan is now!

Apr 17, 2020, 09:06 AM
In this episode, Nigel speaks to Iain Wolsey, Chairman of Business West, about the importance of the British Government developing an effective coronavirus exit strategy that will give businesses the best chance of success.

Nigel gets Iain's thoughts on:

  • Dealing with a huge crisis and the lessons to be learned (0:40).
  • Advice for businesses on how to plan for a 'way out' (1:50).
  • How to mitigate cash flow problems (5:02).
  • The UK's exit strategy planning needs to start now! (6:33).
  • Could a regional approach to relaxing the UK lockdown work? (8:00).
  • The role of  Business West and the British Chambers of Commerce in helping businesses get back to work (10:40).
  • Will there be a 'new normal' after coronavirus? (11:37).

For further guidance and support, or to raise a particular question or concern please visit: www.tradingthroughcoronavirus.co.uk