The Phil & Simon Show No 44 How are you doing?

Apr 17, 05:05 PM

How are you doing? Four weeks in lockdown in the UK and comedian Lost Voice Guy tells us how he is. Geoff’s news update highlights concerns for disabled people in Covid 19 times. comedian and Mental health ambassador, Juliette Burton explains her routine and where we might find strength and happiness.

How are you really doing? A top tip on checking on someone’s wellbeing is to ask twice. So you get beyond the automated answer ‘fine thanks’ and it shows you are actually interested. Anxiety, relief, confusion, loneliness, all perfectly normal in these different times.

In our new show, award-winning comedian Lost Voice Guy makes us laugh with his topical tales. And he only wanted chocolate buttons!

Well-known comedian and mental health Ambassador, Juliette Burton talks of how she is getting on and provides some ideas for finding strength. Even News specialist Geoff Adams-Spink gets in on the ‘calm' theme with some apps and games that are helping him after his news round up.


Let us know what you think  Any ideas from you? Take care of yourself, and each other.

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