On The Fringes of COVID-19: A Journalist's Perspective

Episode 2,  Apr 18, 2020, 06:25 AM

This episode of Voices Over Virus offers listeners the perspective of a journalist covering the COVID-19 pandemic in Goa, a former Portuguese colony located in Western India. 

Gerard D'Souza writes for a leading national daily 'The Hindustan Times' from Goa and he shares his views on what it is like out there for a journalist covering the pandemic. 

How safe is it for a media-person to meet, interact with government officials and people on the streets, when the rest of the state is under lockdown for fear of transmission of the virus? Did the government tackle the crisis right? What impact will the COVID-19 crisis likely to have on the state's politics, industry, and its people? Gerard responds to these queries in this episode of the podcast.

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