S2 E12 - Creating A Legacy: From "Analysis Paralysis" to "My House My Rules!" with Sunny Benning

Apr 20, 2020, 01:01 AM
Welcome to Season 2 of The True Act Podcast! We are introducing a new flavour to our platform every week by hosting an honoured guest that has aligned their truth with their actions. They will be revealing their secrets to success and sharing their story to move and inspire all of us to take action!

On that note, it was an honour to have Sunny Benning, the host of Its Always Sunny in the 6ix, as our first guest.  Sunny shares how he transformed numerous areas of his life including fitness, self-expression and relationships with self and others. We also discussed tidbits like Sabrina meeting Gavan’s Father, Reiki Healing, Vision Boards and more!

What stood out to us the most?! Sunny’s introduction to a concept called “Analysis Paralysis” which we realized is detrimental to everyone’s growth. TUNE IN to find out more!

Lastly, Sunny lets us in on one of his secrets to success - “My House My Rules” - A concept he coined that helped him boost his confidence and begin his podcast back in November 2019.

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