4. Unforgotten - Women's Golf (Mia Ayer and Abby Heck)

Apr 20, 03:45 PM
This is Unforgotten, Stories From a Lost Season.

In the fourth episode of Unforgotten, Tony chats with Notre Dame Women's Golfers, Mia Ayer and Abby Heck.

The Notre Dame Women's Golf Team was in Mesa, Arizona preparing for the annual Clover Cup.  Their season was cancelled the night before the event began.

Mia and Abby discussed how the abrupt season cancellation affected them and how they have adjusted to life at home over the last month.

Abby also detailed her current work as a volunteer at a Cancer Center in her home of Memphis, Tennessee.

Later, Mia reflected on her senior season, including her involvement with the weekend that honored former Notre Dame student Reed Nishizuka.

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