The 3 Plugins Every WordPress Site Needs to Have

Apr 21, 2020, 06:50 AM

Anyone who dares to ‘talk shop’ with me knows my love of WordPress. I’m all about an open-source system that can build with so much flexibility. Are other website systems amazing - yes. Will they ever eclipse my love of WordPress- not yet.
The best feature from a developer’s perspective are all of the amazing plugins available to give your site better functionality. These plugins can make your site do just about anything you need or want it to do. But aside from all fo the fun features, there are three types of plugins that are definitely non-negotiable.
I’m going to cover these three types of plugins here, keep in mind that the suggestions I am going to make are all free. No cost, all downloadable from the Wordpress backend tool, nothing crazy or techie about these. But they all do offer a paid premium version with added functionality. Most of my sites work just fine on the free versions. These are not ads or affiliate links. Just some tools that I love and make my life easier.

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