The Al

Apr 22, 04:00 PM
Rachael and Mindy explore the myth of Al, a creature that punishes women with the pains of childbirth. The story of Als has roots in Armenia, Mongolia, Iran and Central Asia. So listen along and let us know what you think. Share your thoughts with us on instagram @femlorepodcast and as always, share this episode with your friends so we can keep creating! Your support, shares, and reviews are all greatly appreciated! 

This week's non-profit pairing is Equal Justice Initiative (EJI). Join us in making a donation by visiting, together we achieve more. 

Hosted by Rachael Marr and Mindy Scott.
Audio production and music by Aaron Crossland.
Researched and written by Dr. Lauren Crossland-Marr.
Episode music by F. Laroque, available at

UPDATE: the maternal mortality rate in the U.S. referenced in this week's episode was incorrect. In 2018, the maternal mortality rate was 17.4 deaths with every 1,000 live births. For more information check out this Vox article based on the CDC report.