How is the private healthcare sector adapting to COVID-19?

Apr 24, 09:20 AM
In our last episode, we looked at the impact coronavirus pandemic is having on different industries across the continent. However, we didn’t cover one crucial sector because we wanted to look at in more detail on its own here, and that sector is healthcare. 

All across the world COVID-19 is presenting challenges for how public and private healthcare providers work together to respond to the crisis. It’s a particularly big issue in Africa, where the private sector delivers around half of the continent’s health products and services. 

So, in this episode, we speak to two leaders delivering private healthcare on the continent, we get a perspective from a health investor and also hear from a CEO of a social finance business: 

  • Elikem Tamaklo, Managing Director, Nyaho Medical Centre (Ghana)
  • Kawalya Kanyerezi, Executive Director, Kampala Hospital (Uganda)
  • Maina Sahi, Director of Strategy, CDC Group (UK)
  • Michael Anderson, CEO, MedAccess (UK)
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