“The CCP _is_ at war with us.” @Michael_Yon

Apr 23, 02:24 AM
Image:  Portrait of Wu Fu, Brigadier General of the Gansu Region. Hanging scroll; ink and color on silk; 1760 AD; inscribed, and with one seal of the Qianlong Emperor.

Michael Yon, Far East reporter, in re: Video and livestreaming of Hong Kong protests, for months.  Two teenage boys charge with wounding leading to death of a street vendor; Jimmy Lai and Martin Lee, two extremely distinguished persons were detained by the Hong Kong authorities.  The protest movement is obliged to consider shifting from protest to insurgency.  The anger among citizens is seething.  Police are not all locals; the force now includes many surreptitious Mainlanders.  The mood in HK has changed in the last ten days. Beijing is trying to end “One Country-Two Systems.” People are making a last stand for their home; that it’s do or die. With the virus, China has been a bad actor at least since last December; and the New York Times says that Chinese trolls are actively trying to stir up fear in the US.

      The CCP is at war with us. They see a moment of weakness in the US.  This is a totally criminal regime and it will do anything. Increased tempo of provocations.  Verbal assault on Kazakh sovereignty; ambassador’s derisive remarks in France. In WWII, people were asking, “Is it time to leave?”  Is there an escape route?  This is an excellent time to leave; things can change very quickly.  CCP could deploy troops, there could be brutal street fighting.