The Futureheads - The Hounds of Love story, representing Sunderland, getting experimental & mental health in the music industry

Episode 2,  Apr 24, 2020, 07:00 AM

The Futureheads burst onto the indie music scene in 2004 with their distinctive vocal harmonies and art-punk influences. They’ve released six studio albums featuring a whole host of hit singles, including Decent Days and Nights, Meantime, Skip to the End, The Beginning of the Twist and perhaps the greatest cover of all time, Hounds of Love.

Guitarist and vocalist Ross Millard tells The Boys in the Band Podcast how that Kate Bush cover came about and also discusses how the Sunderland four-piece boomed in the 2000s, took their experimental approach to new levels in 2012 and why, after a long hiatus, they made their comeback in 2019. 

Plus there’s a really interesting discussion about mental health in the music business, from the challenges bands face when they’re on the road to the support they receive. 

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Written, presented and produced by Peter Smith and Richard Gallagher

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