Iran’s fledgling space program is ballistic-missile testing. Behnam Ben Taleblu @FDD

Apr 24, 03:39 AM
Image:  Israeli Arrow 2 launch on July 29, 2004, in Naval Air Station Point Mugu Missile Test Center, during AST USFT#1. Public domain.

Behnam Ben Taleblu, FDD, in re:  The predator state of Iran is active: Iran launches satellite, and president orders Navy to shoot down dangerously harassing boats. Satellite is preparation for ballistic missiles.  The three-stage carrier rocket, and the satellite, the Noor [Light] was produced entirely by the Revolutionary Guard Force.  Proclaimed as military right off the bat. Iranian Space Agency.  Abrogation of JCPOA.  Lots of room for Washington. Regime is forcibly trying to open up the economy [as is China, using slave labor from Xinjiang concentration camps.] Virus?  In Iran, the bottom line counts more than Iranian lives.