Comparison is a thief, so why can’t we stop?

Apr 24, 2020, 06:00 PM

Comparison is the thief of all joy, yet it's the very thing we're inclined to do and can't stop doing. Join the chat as we dive into why this is and some practical tips to win in that area.

Hayy guys!

In todays chat, we’re tackling comparing yourself to others. Comparison isn’t simply wanting the car, the house, the “insert here”, it’s looking at yourself and coming to the realization that what they have you deserve also in order to be happy and until you receive or achieve it, you wont be. It’s coming to the conclusion that what you have isn’t enough. We try and add value to ourselves based on what others have that we believe adds value to them. If we’re honest with ourselves it shows us where or what we assume we’re lacking. 

Comparison doesn’t make us feel good, it robs any joy we may have. If anything it helps us to give birth to insecurity, doubt, shame, discontentment, anger, depression, unrealistic expectations etc. I know because these are the very things that comparison helped me give birth to. Giving birth is the easy part though, overcoming and defeating these things is where the work comes in. 

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