Dr Zara Nanu - Gender Equality: What we can learn in a time of crisis

Apr 27, 2020, 12:15 AM
In this episode, Nigel speaks to Dr Zara Nanu, CEO and Co-Founder of Gapsquare, about how the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is threatening progress for gender equality at home and at work.

Nigel gets Zara's thoughts on:

  • Are we all in this together? (0:30).
  • The 4 key ways the coronavirus crisis impacts gender equality (1:00).
  • Key Workers vs Furloughed Employees - a disproportionate toll on women (3:45).
  • Creating an equitable society - is this now taking a back seat? (4:42).
  • The influence of Jacinda Ardern (5:40).
  • Reviewing the government support packages (6:50).
  • Building the 'new world' (7:57).
  • Working mums and the home schooling challenge (9:10).
  • Social media and the pressure to perform well (10:27).

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