One Tough Little Cookie And The Father Standing In Her Corner | Princess P & James Townsend

Apr 27, 2020, 12:50 PM
[From minute 0:00 to minute 11:43-- the little one speaks]

Prisais, also known as "Princess P", is not your average six year old, she's one tough little cookie that has the ability to accomplish anything she sets her sights on.  Prisais started playing around with weights when she was 10 months old, since dad was not able to afford daycare.  Listen to the strong word this little strong girl has to share with you!

[From minute 11:43 to finish off the podcast James speaks]

James was raised by a single mother in Bronx, NY, he was an athlete at birth so he knows the pressure that it takes to be at the top. When James had his first child at age 17, he was not able to be the father he wanted because of the color of his skin.

When James found out that Amy, his current wife was pregnant with their first child, he decided it was time to dedicate his life to raising this little girl.  James didn't have the support and love from his father growing up, so he wanted to be a better man, and a better father for his daughter Prisais.

James and I discuss what it means to have a loving, and supportive father figure in a little girls life.  We also discuss putting kids in sports or lifting activities at a very young age.

Questions I asked James:
1. When did your girls start working out?

2. How often do they train per week? How hard do you let them push during workouts; is there a certain amount of weight they are allowed to lift until they get older or do you base it off of their best lifts? 

3.What would you say to a parent that fears letting their child lift at a young age?

4. What are the steps those parents should take to make sure their child is there a specific coach they should be working with or program they should be following? What Are your recommendations?

5. How do you keep them from getting frustrated when they don’t make a lift or can’t do a skill right away? 

6. Do you teach them how to have a strong mindset right away?  If so, how are you teaching them to have a strong mindset?

7. How do you strive to teach your girls confidence about their muscular bodies?

8. Do you push them to be the best at their sport or do you let them figure it out on their own?  

9. If they wanted to quit because they don't enjoy the sport would you let them?

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